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Fríndel Literature Kit™, Spanish

Product Number: CCP2800
Make learning about funny words again with a smart story about a child who invents a new word for the dictionary. Our resourc...

Make learning about funny words again with a smart story about a child who invents a new word for the dictionary. Our resource is ready, saving you time when preparing a lesson plan for this novel. Establish a purpose for reading by establishing what vocabulary words students are not familiar with. Show your understanding of the novel with multiple-choice questions. In a magazine ad, use your critical thinking skills to predict what career Nick will have when he grows up. Understand the difference between similes and metaphors by writing your own writing assignment. Share your favorite part of the story by drawing a cartoon strip. Aligned to your State Standards and written to Bloom's Taxonomy, additional crossword, word search, comprehension questions and answer key are also included.

About the Novel:

Fríndel is the story of an ingenious innovation plan to design your own word for the dictionary. Ten-year-old Nick Allen has a reputation for developing ingenious plans that distract teachers. For the first time in history, her amusements fail to create the desired results in Mrs. Granger's fifth grade language arts class. Instead of distracting it, it ends with an extra assignment and an oral presentation on how new entries are added to the dictionary. Surprisingly, the boring task leads to Nick's smartest idea, however, when he decides to create his own new word-fringe. Nick recruits five colleagues to support his efforts to change the name of the pen to the fringe. His insistence on referring to feathers as fringes causes a major shock when Mrs. Granger's passion for vocabulary and the strict emphasis on the correct use of language result in a battle of wills that threatens to disrupt the entire school. Their war of words extends beyond the school, leading to punishments after school, a visit to the director's home, national publicity, economic opportunities for local entrepreneurs, and, eventually, inclusion in the dictionary.


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Staci Marck
Classroom Complete Press

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Product Number: CCP2800