Educational Outfitters is a retail sales company devoted to enhancing educational opportunities for preschool through high school students. Our motto is: "Quality Products for Quality Education." We are a family-owned business based on proud family and community values, dedicated to customer service.

Company Concept

Charles W. Elliot, one of Harvard University's leading presidents, was right when he said, "when we teach a child to read, our primary aim is not to enable it to decipher a way-bill or receipt, but to kindle its imagination, enlarge its vision, and open it for the avenues of knowledge." Teachers and parents are the inspiration and facilitators responsible to open the avenues of knowledge for our children. To do so requires care, compassion, devotion and the resources necessary to challenge young minds. Educational Outfitters is committed to meeting those needs.

We provide more than physical products. Our store is a learning experience filled with ideas and inspiration for stimulating any child's education. Our staff is comprised of current and former professional educators. They are delighted to share their experience and ideas to help our customers meet their particular teaching needs. Our goal is to give parents and educators peace of mind and personal satisfaction in providing their children with the best learning devices and materials that arouse the students' interest and enhance their developmental skills.